Highland Elementary School Rules:


1. All students are required to wear their school uniform daily. Students are not permitted to wear curlers, sunglasses, bare midriff tops, hats, mini dresses or skirts, white t-shirts, bandannas, hairnets, rags or sagging trousers.

2. Zero tolerance for students who have weapons of any kind real, toy or replica on campus. (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion)

3. Zero tolerance for fighting, physical attacks or verbal threats against students or school personnel. (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion)

4. Zero tolerance for students using tobacco products, drugs or drinking alcohol beverages on campus. (Suspension and possible Expulsion)

5. Zero tolerance for students engaging in any form of sexual harassment. (Suspension and/or possible Expulsion)

6. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic devices or toys to school.  This includes CD Players, IPODS, video games, trading cards, and/or balls etc.

7. According to new state laws, students may have cell phones however, they CANNOT disrupt class.  Cell phones must be turned off during class.

8. Any student, who damages, writes on walls, defaces or takes school property or the property of others may be suspended.

9. Students are not permitted to loiter or create disturbances on campus.  Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom without permission from the teacher and a pass.

10. Students are not allowed to ride bicycles, skateboards, scooters or roller skates on campus.

11. Candy, gum and sunflower seeds are not allowed.  The selling of candy and other items by students IS NOT ALLOWED.  The school will confiscate item(s) and money.

12. Food items are to remain in, and be consumed in the designated eating areas.