The school has several featured school wide programs that will catch your eye in this magnificent two story building on the corner of Inglewood Avenue and Venice Way.

Highland’s motto:

“Lifelong learning and success for All.”

Planning Ahead

This building encompasses a feel of a college campus. College names identify the second floor. College going students are provided with lessons on college characteristic goal setting and college focus.

  • The six graders attend the annual College Fair
  • Students from Loyola Marymount and California State University visit our campus to talk about college life.
  • Field Trips to colleges are scheduled to promote the feel of the college campus.
  • The daily practice of the “12 Powerful Words” identifies the verbal practice of college vocabulary and preparation for the real world.

Magnificent Programs on Campus Include:

  • School Choir
  • Foreign Language (Japanese) Program
  • Day Program for Preschool
  • And the Jumpstart Preschool after school program.

Our After School Enrichment Program

The after school enrichment program provides activities that cover the wide spectrum of:

  • Tutoring
  • Robotics
  • Piano
  • Sewing
  • And a variety of Visual Performing Arts